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About Onin

Onin is the app that integrates your calendar into your phone's keyboard. The majority of adults rely on a calendar app to organize their time. However, most plans are made in messaging apps, and our calendars are always disconnected from these conversations. As a result, over half of the plans we make never make it onto our calendars. Onin reduces the need for continuous switching between the calendar and chat by bringing your calendar into every conversation.

Onin works with all your calendars, all your apps, and all your friends and family. To keep your plans secure, everything in Onin - events, messages, and your profile - is end-to-end encrypted. The cherry on top? Every Onin event has a dedicated Event Chat in the Onin app.

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Founding Story

Onin was founded by serial entrepreneur and angel investor Ryan Brodie, who has over a decade of experience building app-based businesses with three exits. He previously co-founded the Muslim dating app Muzz where he attended Y Combinator in 2017.

“Across my career, there’s been one theme - building technology that brings people together. From apps that helped promote events to ones that found you a date, the calendar has always been central but disconnected. Calendars live outside the conversations that drive them and weren’t designed for the social lives we live today. Onin is solving this problem. Our vision is to build a social world without fragmentation.”

Ryan Brodie - Founder & CEO of Onin